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Rakhalia Banshi : A new aroma in the bengali music world by Sonali Roy.

Ananda Basanta : An unique collecton of Tagore’s love Songs.

Chena Mukh : A collecton of differnt stlye of morden Bengali Songs .





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Sonali roy, an artiste in true sense of the term, started her “Talim” at a very early stage of her life under the kind supervision of her mother, Smt. Sarbani Mukherjee.

Later at the age of seven, her musical practice started continuing under her “Guru”, Shree Sasthi Prasad Nandi. Under his kind supervision, she continued her “Sadhna” for seventeen years. Side by side she continued her academic career and completed M.A. in English Literature and B. Ed. too.

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Durga Durgoti Nashini

Happy Puja all of you.....
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