Sonali Roy

It’s not been so long that “Jodi Megh Hote Chai” Came into an existence in your mind and left a permanent impact in your musical lexicon. It was 2009 the year when “ Rakhalia Banshi rebased with a name Sonali & you people accepted her to a great extent . A number of musical albums followed this path & our blessing and best wishes showered on her. In this journey Sonali has now became a name in your musical world.

The year 2015  became a remarkable to her jounney when Kali Kalpataru was released from Raga with the kind Supervision of Sri Kalyan San Barat and Sri Jagannath Basu. Of late the viewers of his musical album is almost 2 million. This is your trust and expectation from Sonali that has made her a success. Now She Conveys her regards to the viewers this Webpage.

It’s her respect and gratitude for the people who supported her, revived her and blessed her in her toughest stage of struggle. And now she is offering her regards to the viewers of this web page.

Thanks to all of you ….